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The stage is located in hall no. 1.
Conference rooms are located in hall 2, on the level +1.

updated: 18-02-2019
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Thursday, 28 February 2019

The stage

12.00 Opening ceremony
31st WIND and WATER Warsaw Boat Show 2019
12.30  Yacht Product of the Year 2019
Awards of the Żagle Magazine
12.45 Awards of the Żagle Magazine
KOTNIZ Yacht Product of the Year 2019


Friday, 1 March 2019

The stage

12.00 "Sailing in difficult conditions"
meeting with Captain Krzysztof Baranowski
13.00  "Eight most common accidents on the water"
presents Michał Korneszczuk, Pantaenius Poland
13.30-14.00 Jubilee of the 50th edition of the Canoe Magazine WIOSŁO - a short presentation of the history of the magazine from 2002 and the announcement of the Canoeist Day program. Hosted by Adam Grzegorzewski - founder and publisher of the magazine WIOSŁO
16.00 "Dolphins and human-dolphin interactions" - invites Jakub Banasiak, passionate about pelagic and ocean predators, activist against dolphin captivity, scuba diver (Nurgres)

Hall B

12.00 " A new dimension of comfort - air conditioning,  generation and storage of electricity on vessels. The latest trends in yacht air conditioning and power generators for vessels. The technology, scope and application of the systems -  Tomasz Oleś, Marine Works



Saturday, 2 March 2019

The stage

11.00 Ceremony of the Jerzy Fijka Award ‘Gwoździe Targów’ by the Monthly Żagle and an official announcement of the results of the competition for the most beautiful stand at the WIND and WATER 2019”.
11.30 "The biggest challenges of Polish sailing in 2019"
The guests will be the President of Polish Yachting Association PZŻ Tomasz Chamera, treasurer Jacek Pietraszkiewicz and sporting director Dominik Życki
12.00 Award ceremony of the Polish Tourism and Sightseeing Society PTTK ‘Friendly Shore’ 
13.00 "Giżycko 2019 - a new season in the inland sailing capital of Poland and the 20th anniversary of the Mazury Air Show"
The guests will be the mayor of Giżycko Wojciech Karol Iwaszkiewicz and the organizer of the great aviation event Stanisław Tołwiński
13.30 "Gdynia - the most important sports and cultural events of the sailing capital during the sailing season". The guests will be representatives of the Gdynia Sports Center.
14.00 "Polish yachts at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020" - guests will be the President of PZŻ Tomasz Chamera and the President of The Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports – POLBOAT Sebastian Nietupski
14.30 Preparations for a lonely cruise around the world on the 40th anniversary of Captain Henry Jaskuła's cruise.
The guest of the meeting will be Rafał Moszczyński, who is preparingfor a big cruise.
15.15 “Szczecin - sailing ships near Wały Chrobrego. The Tall Ships Races Final 2021"
The guests will be the Vice-President of Szczecin, Krzysztof Soska and the organizer of the meeting, Jerzy Raducha
16.00 Award ceremony of the Monthly Żagle for the best “Regatta of the Year 2018” of the Polish Cabin Yachts and the annual PPJK photography competition
16.30 Regatta of the Polish Sailing League ( Polska Ekstraklasa Żeglarska) 2019 - Maciej Cylupa  
17.00 "Is diving sexy?"
Invites Margita Ślizowska, actress, diving instructor (Nurgres)


Hall A

Canoeist Day at the WIND and WATER Boat Show


Guide or kayak instructor?
Bartosz Sawicki will talk about experiences with a new, modular system for canoeing staff. The presentation will be based on the experience of trainings that took place last year in Drzewica and Tomaszów Mazowiecki

11.30 Changes in the PZKaj training system and programs implemented by the Canoeing Committee for All Polish Canoe Association Elżbieta Jaworska - Vice-President of the Canoeing Committee for All PZKaj - will present proposed changes in the PZKaj Tourism and Recreation Instructor training system and programs implemented by  the Canoeing Commission for All, including those subsidized by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism.

Trip along the Río Marañón
Marek Mazur will talk about the expedition in the Andes of Peruvian Río Marañón


Two on an uninhabited island - a thing about romantic canoeing. About the doctor and Pimpa, the magic of the Vistula islands in the light of the moon, the spicy mystery of the Biebrza, the nesting of the Bug and  the wedding on a deserted island. Ewa Kruszewska and Dariusz Kamiński will talk about the charms and the effects of swimming together

13.30 The 50th edition of WIOSŁO
It all began in 2002. This jubilee is an excuse to present the history of the magazine and its people
Around Scotland
About the land of cliffs, caves, gates and rock tunnels and how to deal with the tides - Piotr Opacian.
15.00 Journey in the footsteps of Aleksander Czekanowski OLENIOK 2019
The participants of the expedition will recall the figure of Aleksander Czekanowski and his pioneering discoveries from the end of the 19th century, as well as the aspects related to the preparations for the canoe expedition that will set off in mid-June.
15.30 Hubert and Miłosz Stojanowscy will talk about activities on the lakes and rivers of the Suwalki region. The father and son have been proving for years that interesting projects can be undertaken even in the place where they live. Their last idea is: "26 lakes. With kayaks in the waters of the Suwałki Landscape Park
16.15 Sardinia - Caribbean of Europe
Agata Nowak and Marek Werner from WAKK "Habazie" will show that you do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Sardinia. They will tell you about swimming in azure and incredibly clear water, sleeping on beautiful and empty beaches and exploring caves accessible only from the sea
16.45 Raja Ampat Kayaking Project
Dagmara and Leszek Jurecki will talk about Raja Ampat Kayaking Project – a kayaking trip that was finished just two weeks ago. Together with their 4-year-old daughter, they explored with modular canoes for over a month the Indonesian archipelago, consisting of over 1,500 different islands, located at the north-west coast of Western Papua. They will also talk about snorkelling on the reef, exploring undiscovered caves and accommodation on fabulous beaches under the starry sky.
17.15 Babajaki
Too many cooks spoil the broth. That's what the proverb says ... what if there are 12 cooks, and in addition they went to canoe together? Then we have an explosive mixture, which usually bursts out laughing. This trip is nothing but Babajaki!


Hall B1

10.30 Basics of electronic navigation. How to navigate safely using all available technical innovations. Electronic charts, navigation programs, GPS, AIS, mobile devices. Invites yacht and motor-boat captain Grzegorz Pawlak,
12.00 Sailing training over the last 50 years. Tomasz Lipski, Chairman of the ISSA International School of Sailing Schools
13.00 The confessions of the Yachtmaster examiner. Meeting with Tom Cunliffe - a British sailor and journalist with 50 years of sailing experience, instructor and examiner of the Royal Yachting Association, associated with the legendary sailing magazine "Yachting Monthly"
14.00 What can we do to make Polish shores more friendly?
Meeting with the winners of the ‘Friendly Shore’ Award


Hall B2

15.00 IT Cup
The first International Sailing Championship of the ITC Industry in the Puck class, June 6-9, 2019 in Puck. 

Hall C - Underwater Adventure

10.30 “Not just about the underwater Palau "
Anna Sołoducha, an uncurable optimist, always smiling, an ocean explorer (Nurgres)
11.15 Underwater archaeologists will talk about the magical Lake of the Mayan Peten Itza, where they conducted research for a month discovering the sunken secrets of this ancient culture Mateusz Popek, Magdalena Krzemień, Sebastian Lambert, Małgorzata Mileszczyk, Iga Snopek, Jakub Maciejewski (Nurgres)

The underground of Budapest, hydrothermal caves and Molnar, 
Cezary Abramowski, passionate about technical and cave diving

12.45 "Warsaw can be loved" or about diving in Poland and in the world
(Project START)
13.05 "Your first time underwater", how to start, whether age and health are important, are there any pre-conditions (Project START)

"Who, how and where" or how to consciously choose a course – what are the diving federations, how they differ, training standards,  instructors (Project START)

13.40 Presentations od Federations that have stands at the Fair (Projekt START)

About macro photography - how to take a photo of a 4-mm-long shrimp or a 4-meter-long crocodile, presented by Jakub Degee, international winner of shark photo awards (Nurgres)


Agnieszka Kalska will take us to the underwater world and tell how to  dive on a held breath (Nurgres)


“The most interesting cave explorations from various corners of the  world". About the beginning of the Tatra dive will be told by Krzysztof Starnawski (Nurgres)



Sunday, 3 March 2019

The stage 

11.00  Pantaenius Jacht Foto. Award ceremony of the photographic competition
11.30 People from the river, or we are swimming on the Vistula. Andrzej Stański, Jacek Marczewski and Kasper Orkisz - organizers and participants of cruises and cultural events on the Vistula
12.00 Presentation of the winners of the Cruise of the Year and the winners of the "Silver Sextant" main prize. Guests will be the secretary of the competition Aleksander Gosk and this year's winners Mariusz Koper and Szymon Kuczyński
13.00 Leonid Teliga Awards of the Magazine Żagle for 2018
14.00 Captain Leszek Wiktorowicz Award: Piotr Kulczycki, presentation of the winner of the award granted by Press Club Poland the City of Gdynia and the Brotherhood of Cape Horn. The guest will be captain Mariusz Koper, awarded for the yacht cruise on "Katharsis II" around Antarctica.
14.30 Asia Pajkowska in a lonely cruise around the world."  The guest will be captain Aleksander Nebelski following the cruise  course.
15.00 Wojciech Jarosz, an avid ornithologist, sailor, skier, motorcyclist and diver will talk about the archipelago of the Fernando de Noronha islands,belonging to Brazil


Hall A

11.00 "Safe Cruise around the World. Sailing and life at sea in practice. Planning, yacht and crew equipment, meteorology, navigation and practice during the journey on the water, in bays, ports and marinas invites Nautica Publishing House
14.30 The final of “The Sailor of the Year 2018” of the "Wiatr" magazine


Hall B 1

10.30 "Step-by-step astronowigation. How to designate your position, "  invites the captain Mariusz Główka
12.00 Remote monitoring of yacht parameters
Did you know that most of the yacht sinking takes place in the harbor?
What should I do to make a shipowner sleep well? How to remotely get  a full picture of the yacht situation. Invites yacht captain and motor-boat Grzegorz Pawlak,
13.00 Regatta for the Wisła District Cup and the Vistula River Cruise - Warsaw – Gdańsk, invites the Association Warsaw Sails with Kasper Orkisz, the organizer and participant of cruises and cultural events on the Vistula river


Hall B 2

12.00 "Presentation of the new SUUNTO D5, invites Underwater Technique


Hall C - Underwater Adventure

11.00 "Spanish Riviera - places worth visiting"
Brunon Waligóra (Nurgres)
11.45  "We will immerse ourselves in the history of the Polish Navy in the interwar period", Wiesław Wachowski, President of the Diving History Lovers Association (Nurgres)
12.30 "Your first time under water", how to start, whether age and health are important, are there any pre-conditions (Project START)

"Who, how and where", how to consciously choose a course - what are  diving federations, how they differ, training standards, instructors
(Project START)

13.15 "Between Scylla and Charybdah, wrecks within your reach. Diving in the Gulf of Messina in Sicily ", Agnieszka Blandzi (Nurgres)
14.00 "Hard work, challenges and adventure"
Piotr Ławrynowicz will talk about deep freediving and lurking in the depths (Nurgres)


Please note that schedule and topics of these meetings are subject to change and/or cancellation.




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