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Enter your product to the Wind and Water 2017 “Gwóźdź Targów” (Highlight of the Fair) Award



Dear Exhibitors!

The Jerzy Fijka Wind and Water 2017 “Gwóźdź Targów” (Highlight of the Fair)  Award is a prestigious award of the monthly Żagle granted to products distinguished by innovative construction, design, quality, functionality and other interesting features. This year, the award will be divided into the following categories:

  • - Small Sail Yachts (up to 7.5 m)
  • - Large Sail Yachts (over 7.5 m)
  • - Small Motor Yachts (up to 8 m)
  • - Large Motor Yachts (over 8 m)
  • - Equipment and Fittings (this category covers all products necessary or useful for yachting, for example: yacht equipment and fittings, engines, clothes, rescue measures, trailers, publications, yacht chemicals, etc.)


You are welcome to enter your products.





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