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Nominations and awards in Gdynia


During the WIND and WATER on Water Boat Show, the President of the City of Gdynia Award in the Gdynia YACHT Design contest will be awarded for the 9th time. The aim of the contest has been to promote excellent industrial design in the water sports industry. The idea behind ​​the Competition perfectly fits the strategy of Gdynia, a city of innovation, interesting design and well-designed public space. The jury will choose the most beautiful sailing yacht and motor yacht presented at the Boat Show. The jury consists of: Hanna Bakuła – painter, stage designer, costume designer, columnist and author of books; Leszek Gonciarz – a passionate yacht constructor and designer, architect by profession; Bartosz Piotrowski – PhD in art, main designer at PESA, Stanisław Iwiński (secretary of the Jury) – sailor, expert in sailing and motor yachts, head of the motorboat department of the monthly “Żagle”; and Jacek Oryl – WIND and WATER Boat Show Director. The winners of the competition will be announced on Saturday, 11th August, at noon. The WIND and WATER on Water Boat Show will also be an opportunity to announce the nominees in the competition "Jacht Roku w Polsce - Polish Yacht of the Year 2019" organized by “Żagle”. The Strategic Partner of the WIND and WATER on Water Boat Show is Gdynia – Poland's Sailing Capital. 





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