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Mission Study Tour

Second edition of the Mission Study Tour with special guests from the USA, the UAE and China

This year's WIND and WATER Boat Show was a unique event not only for fans of water sports and recreation on water, but also a special opportunity to promote Polish companies from the yacht industry as well as their highest quality products abroad. During the Fair in Gdynia, the second edition of the Mission Study Tour was held, in which potential business partners and journalists from leading industry media from the USA, the UAE and China took part, including: Sail Magazine, Yacht and Sea, Soundings Trade Only, IBI Magazine, Asia-Pacific Boating, Ocean Way, Yacht Style, Fragrant Harbour and the UAE News.

The guests visited the shipyards Galeon, Conrad, Sunreef Yachts and the company Sail Service as well as participated in numerous B2B meetings with representatives of the Polish yachting industry, including Sebastian Nietupski - President of the Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports – POLBOAT. Participants of the Mission took part in the tests of sailing units: NFun 30, Maxus 24 evo, Caravela 950 (a yacht on which Rafał Moszczyński will go on a lonely cruise around the world to celebrate the historic feat of Henryk Jaskuła 40 years ago), Albatros 4.30 and the Nawiatr N700K catamaran. They also tested motor units: Balt 918 Titanium, Parker 110 Monaco (winner of Best of Boats at the Berlin Fair in 2018 and Yacht of the Year in Poland 2019), Parker 850 Voyager, Northman 1200, Baltica 660 weekend, Diamond 550, Eagle One, Enigma 26GT, Musica.71, MK 625, Tender 740 and 3Bros water go-kart. Participants of the Mission, at the special invitation of Sunreef Yachts, met with the former President of the Republic of Poland Lech Walesa, who presented the guests the history of the Polish shipyards.

As part of the Mission, a press conference was held for Polish local as well as nationwide media: "The strength and potential of the Polish yacht industry. Elements of the government's industry support program on foreign markets ". The press conference was dedicated to the achievements of the Polish yachting industry, the role of boat shows in the promotion of the Polish yacht industry as well as the Industry Promotion Program - Brand for the Polish yacht and boat sector. Michał Bąk - Secretary General of the Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports POLBOAT, Jacek Oryl - Director of the WIND and WATER Boat Show, Member of the Executive Board of POLBOAT as well as Wojciech Nowicki - Project Manager from the Polish Investment and Trade Agency PAIH gave speeches and explained the role and position of Poland in the overall European yachting industry.

The idea of the Mission

The goal of the Mission is to promote the Polish yachting industry abroad - Polish top quality final products. By providing interesting and comprehensive information about Polish companies, their history and rich product offer to our guests, we aim at establishing strong business relationships with our foreign guests as well as promoting Polish yachting industry abroad.

The Mission Study Tour is part of the Brand Program supporting the 12 most promising and innovative sectors of the Polish economy including the yachting industry. After many years of building a strong position on the European market, Polish companies are currently expanding into non-EU markets - Russia, the UAE, the United States, China and Australia. The Polish government supports these pro-export activities in several ways. In addition to the Mission Study Tour, Polish national stands are also organized at the most important foreign fairs, where visitors can get detailed information about interesting companies from the yacht industry in Poland. Furthermore, a 360-degree film was created to effectively present Polish yachts and motor boats, both on water and during the production process. The Brand Program has been created and founded by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency PAIH, closely cooperating with the Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports - POLBOAT.

About the Polish yachting industry

The Polish market is a significant part of the global market, especially in the most popular segment of motor yachts from 6 to 9 m in length with outboard engines. In this area Poland is the European leader and the second producer in the world after the USA. This type of Polish boats and sailing yachts is the strength of our industry. Furthermore, Poland is a manufacturer of luxury motor yachts with a length of over 9 m and world-renowned luxury, personalized catamarans – a prominent symbol of the industry. The Polish yacht industry is represented by 1,000 companies with approx. 40,000 employees. The annual potential of Polish shipyards is estimated at 22,000 units.

The organizer of this industry event is PAIH, the Polish Trade and Investment Agency.

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