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Canoeist Day

Canoeist Day at the WIND and WATER Boat Show

Traditionally, the Canoeist Day will be held as part of the Water Sports and Recreation WIND and WATER Boat Show 2019 in Warsaw. Also this year, rowing enthusiasts can count on a rich offer of lectures and meetings in various aspects - from idyllic swimming on a lazy river, through frolic on the sea waves, and ending with a large dose of adrenaline on "white water". One of the most interesting lectures will certainly be a report of Marek Mazur about the expedition on the Río Marañón river flowing in the Peruvian Andes with sources at an altitude of about 4,300 m. Furthermore, we highly invite you to participate in the Siberian expedition in the footsteps of Aleksandra Czekanowski OLENIOK 2019. We will also learn what's new in canoeing in PZKaj and the Polish Qatari Qualification System. The 31st edition of the WIND and WATER coincided with the 50th edition of the canoe Magazine WIOSŁO. On this occasion we are planning a brief presentation of the history of the magazine and people associated with it. We start on Saturday at 10.30am. The magazine WIOSŁ once again warmly invites you to the Canoeist Day during the WIND and WATER to the Expo XXI Center.




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