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Incoming Mission during the WIND and WATER Boat Show in Warsaw

The international edition of the WIND and WATER  will be accompanied by the Mission for business partners and journalists, organized as part of the second stage of the yachts and recreational boats promotion program launched by the Ministry of Development of the Republic of Poland, including prospective markets, for 2020-2022, as part of the project 'Promotion of the economy based on Polish product brands - Polish Economy Brand - Brand. "

The guests of the Mission – business partners and journalists of leading industry media from Croatia, Russia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine will take part in B2B meetings and conferences organized in cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Yacht Industry and Water Sports POLBOAT as well as visit Polish companies from the yacht industry. This three-day industry event will be a unique opportunity to establish valuable business relationships with foreign counterparties and to promote Polish companies and their highest quality products abroad.




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