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Global EXPO - new location

WIND and WATER in a new facility

The Global EXPO Trade Fair and Congress Center is a new facility on the capital's map, located in Warsaw's Żerań, perfect for organizing international fairs, congresses or conferences and symposia.

Advantages of Global EXPO

  • excellent functional features and appropriate technical parameters for the organization of demanding events such as the Water Sports and Recreation Fair WIND and WATER
  • high standard of finishing the facility
  • excellent location
  • convenient public transport network

Two floors of the building are connected by an escalator, guest elevators and a technical goods lift. The first - on level "0" - is an exhibition hall and a spacious foyer. The second floor consists of conference and banquet rooms as well as technical and organizational facilities. The facility has an area of ​​about 17,000. m², of which over 12 thousand m² is an exhibition hall under one roof - the largest such space in Warsaw. The largest conference room holds over 2.5 thousand participants.

The Global EXPO Congress and Exhibition Center was created as part of a project to revitalize post-factory FSO areas. Thanks to the preservation of elements referring to the industrial history of the place, and at the same time the introduction of modern technical solutions, a multifunctional space was created to meet modern business needs.







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