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Salon Underwater Adventure

Salon Underwater Adventure

This year’s edition of the international WIND and WATER Boat Show will be accompanied by the Salon Underwater Adventure – unique event for all diving enthusiasts. The organization of the Salon together with the WIND and WATER allows to promote diving among a wide range of water sports enthusiasts, while expanding the exhibition and program offer of the Fair. Underwater Adventure and Nurgres (Diving Congress) are an annual event which brings together all people interested in recreational, technical, freediving and tourism, including active leisure under water at one place and time. For four days you will meet manufacturers, importers and distributors of equipment, diving schools, diving tourism organizers, diving bases and centers, diving federations, foundations, associations, insurers and companies offering various diving-related services.

All divers are invited to Nurgres - a meeting of the diving environment in which you can participate after purchasing the diving admission ticket to the Fair (exclusively for divers). The program of Nurgres includes interesting presentations and videos from many areas of diving and diving tourism. In addition, divers will be able to learn about new equipment, talk to experts, choose trips, further training, and all at special promotional prices.

Underwater Adventure is also an event for people who are just thinking about diving. All visitors planning to start an underwater adventure will be able to take part in special presentations addressed to beginners, get to know the instructors and above all choose courses and trips combined with diving lessons.





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