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Prestigious awards

Prestigious awards during the spring WIND and WATER

Traditionally, the "Żagle" Magazine Awards of Leonid Teliga for 2019 will be presented during the Boat Show. We met the winners of the Yacht of the Year 2020 in Poland on December 31, 2019, and the awards ceremony will take place at the Fair. We will also award the winners of the magazine "Sail" - KOTNIZ Yacht Product of the Year in Poland 2020. The competition aims at selecting the most interesting, most innovative and useful water sports products available on our market. The editors of "Żagle" will traditionally award the Gwóźdź Targów of Jerzy Fijka at the WIND and WATER - mostly awaited by exhibitors and awarded to products presented at the fair, distinguished by, among others innovation, design, workmanship or functionality. During this year's edition there will be a ceremony of presenting the nomination for the National Team of PZŻ for 2020. It will be attended by nearly 150 sailors from all over Poland. We will also get to know the winners of the "Friendly Shore" Competition of the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society, the annual award of the Yacht Shipowners' Association and the Inland Commission of PZŻ in the "Blue Spinaker" competition. There will be a presentation of the winners of the Cruise of the Year 2019 and the winner of the Silver Sextant. The city of Gdynia, the Brotherhood of Kaphornowce and the Press Club Polska will present the winner of the Leszek Wiktorowicz for 2019. We will announce the winners of the PPJK Regatta of the Year award from the Żagle as well as the PPJK and Pantaenius Yacht Foto photo competitions. Furthermore, the fair exhibitors will receive special awards for the prettiest stands.

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